All your customer calls,
social media, and messages.
In one place.

With Yobi, you can make phone calls, send and receive text messages, and view all your social media messages in one integrated view, without having to switch between multiple apps.


Yobi is all you need to keep up with all your customer phone calls, text messages, and social media efforts. Once you connect your social media accounts, you just need to log into Yobi once and then view all customer communication at a glance.

All your social media accounts. At a glance.

Not dashboards.

With Yobi, you don’t have to spend hours poring through busy dashboards and page after page of dense reports to try and decipher what to do next for your customers. Yobi uses AI to surface insights that you can act on today.

You only have to type in your search terms once, and Yobi will search across all your social media and help you find what you’re looking for. Shave hours off your social media connections.

One search field. Search
across all your accounts.

Start engaging with all your customers in one place.
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